Chlorine Dioxide Generators From H2trOnics

Chlorine,Dioxide,Generators,nuChlor,H2trOnicsH2trOnics is pleased to offer the nuChlor ClO2 generator. The nuChlor generator is a less than 1 to 150 lb/day three chemical generator. The nuChlor ClO2 generator is a motive water driven generator; therefore, when motive water flow stops, generation stops. The Teflon-wetted surfaces and high duty cycle precursor control valves result in a system which is virtually maintenance-free. The fixed orifices are sized so that the ClO2 solution generated varies from about 500 to just over 1000 mg/L ClO2 depending upon motive water flow. The orifice precursor flow control design along with the motive water flow requirement limits the generator output to about 1200 mg/L ClO2. All components have been selected to be compatible with ClO2 or the precursors. A number of options are available, allowing the generator to be tailored to meet any desirable application need. No consumable hardware items such as catalysts or resin cartridges are required.

Standard Features

  • Teflon bodied precursor control/flow control valves
  • Simple, easy to operate design
  • Produces a less than 1 to 150 lb/day of Chlorine Dioxide
  • Generates a 400 to 1200 mg/L Chlorine Dioxide solution
  • No hardware consumables such as catalysts, cells, or resin cartridges
  • Robust materials of construction

Chlorine,Dioxide,Generators,nuChlor,H2trOnicsOptional Features

  • Booster pump
  • Custom enclosure w/leak detection
  • eController control system
  • PLC control systems
  • Custom fabricated stand

System Requirements

  • 110 VAC on/off control
  • >8 gpm motive water flow with >25% supply to return pressure drop (may require a booster pump)
  • Precursor containers with lift suction and strainer/foot valves